Vendor Guidelines

To make this event as successful as possible, we have placed some guidelines into place. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us by calling or texting  (252) 493-6216 or email us at

VENDOR FEES:All vendor fees are non-refundable. Due to this event being on the inside, we do not foresee the need to cancel or reschedule. If the situation arises, we will transfer all funds over to the new event and venue. All vendor fees must be paid in FULL no later than April 25, 2024. No money will be exchanged at the door.

SET-UP: Please plan to arrive around 9:45am. Set up is from 9:45a-10:45a. Doors will open at 11am. Please have everything set up and ready to go.

BREAKDOWN: Breakdown begins at 3pm. If you must leave early, please let us know in advance so that we can place you closer to one of the exits. Please note that we must be off of the premises by 4pm.

CONDUCT: We are looking to have a diverse group of vendors and attendees. We ask that you be professional at this event. We want everyone to be comfortable. This means, refrain from loud music ( instrumental music will be provided) along with any offensive signs and products. If you have any questions regarding this, please reach out to us.

SECURITY: Vendors are responsible for the secuirty of their own property and equipment at all times. No security personnel will be assigned specifically to vendors. The organizer, host, nor committee shall not be held responsible for loss, theft or damage to any property left on the grounds at any time.

VENDOR SELECTION: The organizer and hosts have the right to refuse any vendor.

BUSINESS LICENSE & SALES TAX: A business license is not required to be a vendor at 2024 Boss Lady Expo. All sales tax is the responsibility of the vendor. The organizer, host, nor committee assume no liability for the collection of sales tax or governmental fees.

VIOLATIONS: Vendor acknowledges that a breach of any of the terms of this agreement may result in the termination of this agreement and the preclusion of the Vendor's participation in the Expo. In the event this agreement is terminated as a result of any breach by vendor, vendor shall not be entitled to any refund, but shall forfeit all amounts previously paid as liquidated damages.

LIABILITY: Vendor shall indemnify and hold the Boss Lady Expo, organizer, host businesses, committee, volunteers, and contract workers harmless from any claim or cause of action arising out or in connection wtih the acts or omissions of vendor under this agreement. Vendor shall reimburse the committee for any costs, including but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees incurred in defense against any such claim.

RELEASE: Vendor completion of payment and registration indicates acceptance of the terms and participation rules.